,, Already Gone ” by John Rector : Interview with author !


About the book : 

51pqce6bvelJake Reese is a writing teacher at an American university. He lives in a small brick Tudor close to campus with his art buyer wife, Diane. His life is quiet ? ordinary even. And he likes it that way. But it wasn’t always quiet. Jake’s distant past was a life on the streets, inflicting damage and suffering on more people than he can count. And now someone from his past, it seems, has come looking for him. A raw, gripping thriller about the price paid for past sins, John Rector’s third novel is a live wire that crackles with the intensity of a man with nothing left to lose. When two men attack Jake in a parking lot and cut off his finger, he tries to dismiss it as an unlucky case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But when events take a more sinister turn and Diane goes missing, Jake knows he can no longer hide from the truth. As he embarks on a mission to find his wife, he realizes his dark past is refusing to stay buried and that his future is about to unfold in ways he could never have imagined. With a taut and brooding style, Rector paints a formidable portrait of a reformed man’s slow descent into a life he thought he had walked away from forever. As the intensity becomes almost unbearable, the pace quickens and the suspense applies an unrelenting, vice-like grip, as Already Gone hurtles toward its ultimate, explosive climax.

About the author :


John Rector is a prize winning short story writer and author of the novels THE COLD KISS (optioned for a feature film now in development), and THE GROVE. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

AND NOW , the interview ! XD

1.  I`m really glad you accept this interview ! Tell us something about yourself .

  I’m the author of five novels, Already Gone, The Grove, The Cold Kiss, Lost Things, and Out of the Black.

2.   How did the idea for , Already Gone ‘ ?

   I’m a fan of old noir novels and dark thrillers. I thought it would be fun to write about a guy who married the wrong woman and see where it took me.

3. Which character from , Already Gone ‘ has influenced your life ?
    The one character I liked from that book was Gabby. He’s an ex-loan shark who raises pigeons on his roof, but he’s still tied in with the criminal world. I don’t know if he has influenced me, but the guy he’s based on was someone who opened my eyes as a kid.

4 . What is your favorite book ?

    It changes, but right now I love The Notebook by Agota Kristof. Also, The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis. I’m also a big fan of Stephen King’s early novels.


5 . Why ?

   Different reasons. The Notebook is a beautifully written book. The Queens Gambit just hit me on whatever level it is when a book hits you. Stephen King… Well, because he’s the most brilliant storyteller of the last 100 years


6. What do you think about ROMANIA ?
   Never been to ROMANIA. The closest I’ve come is Prague. Like all westerners, I’m sure my impression of ROMANIA is colored by DRACULA, and I do love DRACULA.
7. Vampires are very popularized in last time . What do you think about vampires?
I love Vampires, but not the ones that sparkle. I love the half-dead, evil, bloodsucking monsters, which is the true nature of Vampires. The recent book, Let the Right One In, is one of my favorites.
8. What do you thing about my blog ? 🙂
I can’t read the language, but from what I can see, it’s wonderful.
9. Do you have a message for my blog`s followers ? 
 Only that it’s encouraging to meet people who are so passionate about reading. I hope you never lose your love of books. There’s nothing better in life.

Thank you , John !


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