Review: “ American Savage ” by Matt Whyman

19383531  Blurb:  

Vegan, veggie, carnivore… humanitarian? Welcome to the top of the food chain.

The Savages are back – this time in a country where servings come supersized. Titus, Angelica and the kids go to great lengths to fit into their new lives in sunny Florida. But that’s not easy when their appetite runs to feasts of human flesh.

In this dark comic serving of everyday family life with contemporary cannibals, the Savages seek to hide in plain sight by setting up a vegan café. But when the venture turns out to be a surprise sensation, and bad apples bob to the surface, Titus is forced to question whether the family have finally bitten off more than they can chew.



 I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.Thank you,Matt!

I really enjoyed the first book so I was very excited when I found out about the sequel. It’s been three years since the Savages left UK and moved in sunny Florida. Sasha has no longer a part in the story,since she’s going to university,but Amanda Dias,the vegan chick from the first novel,joined the Savage’s table.But don’t worry.. Amanda is WAY interesting: she’s charming, she’s an ocassional cannibal and she’s working her way to the top.I loved how every character got to have a storyline.In the first novel I thought Angelica was a bit underrated:she was a great cook and a loving mother ,but we get to know her better in this one. Even Oleg has his moment to shine (with a little help from one special old lady). Let’s move to Ivan: Although the first novel was centred around Sasha,this time her brother has a hard time going through high school.He doesn’t seem to fit in,no matter how hard he tries (he even join the football team). But with a family like the Savages you must expect the unexpectable.

I do believe in the saying „The family that eats together stays together ” so I kinda understand the importance of feasts in the Savage family.It is weird to think that those people who do anything in order to protect their family and stick together are cold blooded criminals.The characters are too likeable for some human-eaters.I got through the whole eating people part like „umm ok-„.I shouldn’t feel right reading about these people but this series is categorically my guilty pleasure. Some people take food too seriously and I’m happy there are authors like Matt Whyman to remember us that we could sometimes take a pause from our strictly diet and enjoy a meat at the family table. However, I couldn’t let the book down with all these plot twists. It’s thrilling how this series gets better and betterI can recommend this book for all kinds of people: the ones who put the family on the first place,the ones who want something different and easy to read,the ones looking for a good laugh. Just give it a go and you’ll be left waiting for more. If the subject it’s too hard for you to swallow then you’re a too serious person (not my kind of person).


My rating: 4,5/5

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