Review: “ The Savages ” by Matt Whyman



   What happens when the teenage daughter from a family with extreme tastes in meat-eating starts dating an outspoken vegetarian? 

Sasha’s smitten by Jack, and wishes her parents would approve. For Titus and Angelica, it’s one more challenge in creating a stable home for their brood. While angelic baby Katya’s set to cut her teeth, their son struggles at school. Ivan does his best to be accepted, but that’s tough when he’s been secretly raised to become the ultimate hunter gatherer.
Welcome to the world of The Savages. A breed apart from your average household, here’s a darkly delicious treat for anyone who’s ever been embarrassed by their own flesh and blood.





      I received a free copy of this book for review . Thank you , Matt !

      I do not know how to describe this book. It is a tragic love story ? It’s a black humor comedy ? It’s a black humor comedy ? Yes , a bit of everything . But above all, this book is an uncompromising portrait of a world in which opposites attract and secrets can cost life of peoples. I was finished this book  at 1:30 in th morning and this book make me thinking about a lot of things . The food we ate , our darkside , everything. And this book have a lot of  potential.The principal characters are Savage family . They are a family like everybody else , except that the others family don`t eat human flesh and don`t decapitated  supermodels in the bathroom ( But it was a accident. I trust you,Ivan,I really do!). So let`s met the family. Oleg Savage , russian solider , Titus`s dad. Even he is old it was a very nice character ( That type of frandpa how love his family anything happend ) even though he is older and needs help to find the bathroom.Angelica Savage, perfect mother who had obsession making everything perfect (including food and – of course ! – shopping .) Titus Savage, leads the family, with clear ideas about how it should look and behave family. And buissness man. Ivan Savage, a strange kid who make sinsiter joke, make his sister feel angry and like other normal kid …
decapitated  supermodels in the bathroom ( But it was a accident. Course I trust you,Ivan). Katya, a little sweet angel,who can say only ,, Mince ! ” and ,, Cheese !” but who it`s ready to be present at a special family feast. And in the end, Sasha Savage , a sixteen teenager who belive in love ( with a handsome guy called Jake) and want to keep secret the fact that she tried to be a vegetarian , which is quite difficult in a family so  … ,, Carnivorous ” as Savage family . She was my favorite character, I agree that. And other character , Vermont English, a private dectective increase  after the disappearance of a supermodel in the Savage`s family house  decides to investigate a closer case . ( But it was a ac…  NOT again,Ivan!). This book was one of the best i read in last few months and I really encourages you to order her from Amazon after 6 July.

The idea of cannibalism was relatively new to me ( Do not worry! Talking about the book. ) I read few books about zombie and a lot about vampire. So, it was a first and that`s make me like this book and don`t forget her sooner.   
P.S: You can also read the interview i take to Matt here. 
My rating : 5/5

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