Review: “ The Grove” by John Rector




   The last time farmer Dexter McCray went off his medication, someone wound up dead. So, after waking from an alcoholic blackout to discover his tractor stuck in a ditch and the body of a teenage girl in the cottonwood grove bordering his cornfield, things begin to look worryingly familiar.

With no alibi and a creeping suspicion that he might be to blame for the girl’s death, Dexter decides to investigate the crime himself. He can’t tell anyone. Not his friend, the sheriff, nor his estranged wife, whose love he’s desperate to win back. And certainly not the Tollivers, his redneck neighbors.

Now, isolated and alone, Dexter turns to the only person he believes he can trust: the dead girl herself.

In this gritty noir novel, John Rector weaves an intensely sinister tale that pits reality against hallucination, truth against improbability. Is Dexter motivated by guilt or insanity? And what really happened that night in The Grove?



      I received a free copy of this book for review . Thank you , John !

      Dark, captivating. I`m still on shock. I was not expected to this book to end like that. It was  a gripping novel and I could not stop reading it until I finished it in a few hours. I remember after I finished I got up out of bed and I did not know what to do . The action was intense and the author does not even give you a break to take a breath . They keep you in suspense from the conversations between Dex and Jessica to Tolliver ‘s visit . All this story is written in Gothic style by John Rector so I expected from this book to be a success. And now I`m staying  pensive at all what happened . Dex McCray is a former farmer with big problems . After previously killed a man in a game of baseball and his daughter was hit by the car, his marriage to his wife, Liz, is falling apart .Trying to escape from the past  he decidet to no longer take medication who made ​​him mentally stable most of the time. But after awakening from a hangover , Dexter discovers in a grove behind his house a dead bloody teenager . And it definitely will not make people from the town to trust him. So Dexter decides to find out who killed the teenager . But not alone . Teeneager`s ghost help him. Description of how Jessica and Dex fall in love made ​​me shiver a little. It was unbelievable and some scenes in the book I have bristly hair on the head .
  In conclusion I can say that this book is a completely different from what you’ve read so far, so dark and so full of suspense that deserve to give him a chance. After reading , Already Gone ‘ I did not expect this book to be gooder than that but I can tell just happy that he did. A well written book , a gripping thriller that I recommend to all lovers of the genre.
P.S: You can also read the interview i take to John here.
My rating : 5/5

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