Review: “ZOM-B Underground ” by Darren Shan



  Months after the zombie attack, B has become a revitalised: an undead creature who can reason, unlike the majority of mindless, vicious zombies. But, held prisoner in an underground complex, B and a group of revitalised teens known as the zom-heads are under constant guard, observed by a team of scientists and soldiers. When B refuses to co-operate, they are all denied brains as a punishment, the essential ingredient for keeping their minds rational. Can they survive their underground prison?



   I received a free copy of this book for review . Thank you , Darren !

After I finished reading ZOM-B (first book from series )  I pondered a bit before getting down to ZOM -B Underground. I feared that the second book will not be as good as the first. I`m glad I was wrong . This series is brilliant . After B`s School attack and her death , B wake as a revitalised in a complex full of scientist and secrets . I was amazed at how much B was changed from the previous volume . In this one it`s more balanced and totally not a racist . So , she can now live half girl half zombie . Still still thinks like a girl – a human and ordinary one – , but her instincts were intensified.
She  meets another  seven  young revitalised like her : Tiberius ( boy who likes old movies
gooble-gooble! ) Cathy (Bad girl . I didn`t like her too much but i think Darren don`t put her in book to like her) Danny ( the background blonde guy – Whatever , i think he died at the end . ) Gokhan ( Turkish ) , Rage ( Bad boy – It’s just a cuddly , not liked him so much too ) Peder ( Fighter ) and – in the end – Mark ( walking mummy , liar , human , end-died ( I   do not know whether to hate him or feel sorry that he was eated , maybe a little bit of that`s two ) . Revitalised guys are not B`s friend – they are monsters .
Also , in the book , i was thrilled to see Mr. Bruke again . I was think he became a zombie or he die . I liked her more in first book , in this one he have not seemed so expressive . And now , the last character i like to talk about it`s – you guess –  Mr Dowling . This one freaking me out – i mean what is it ? A zombie ? A mutant ? Or what the hell ? I was scared when I read  description ( Good job , Darren ! I want  Mr Dowlinf for my bhirsday party next year :)The scene with Jingle bells was creppy .

The action was dinamic and  kept me  always blown . It was a excellent book and i will totally re-read someday . And maybe – who know ? – will be relased someday in Romania .


 My rating : 5/5

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