Concurs Vestige :)

Cum v-am promis zilele trecute , azi o sa dau startul primului concurs de pe blog XD Premiul consta intr-un PDF al cartii Vestige scrisa de celebra Deb Hanrahan  . Tot ce trebuie sa faceti este sa scrieti numele inreb , gfc , adresa de mail si likul care sa dovedeasca ca ati dstribuit articolul pe Facebook . Concursul se deruleaza de perioada : 08.o1.2013-15.01.2013 . Alegerea castigatorului s eva face in mod aleatoriu cu siteul . Succes ! Mai jos va las  descrierea cartii !


YA Contemporary Dark Fantasy/Horror

In the Midwestern suburb of LaGrange, something is amiss. Over a twenty-four-hour period, all the children under the age of thirteen along with many adults have disappeared without explanation. It doesn’t take long for those left behind to learn that this tragedy is part of a global event. As people panic, civilization begins to crumble. Luckily, the Secretary of Homeland Security, Daniel Grimshaw, has a plan to restore order. But first, every remaining person must be accounted for and tagged with a mark on their right hand.

Unaware of his responsibilities, seventeen-year-old Micah has been preparing for this day. His mother trained him and provided him with the proper tools, but she neglected to tell Micah about the family legacy, his legacy. Now that his mother is among the missing, will Micah ever discover who he is, or what he needs to do to save what’s left of humanity from the hellfire of perdition?

Vestige is the first book in a two book series .


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